My eBook available on amazon ”Feel. Listen. Love”

March 14, 2019 Sam 0 Comments

Good morning everyone! I'm so happy and thrilled to announce that my ebook ”Feel. Listen. Love” is up on Amazon, available in english. 

I wrote this book in 2016 in my native language and published it here in Romania. But my desire was to reach everywhere in the world. That's why I translated it and uploaded on Amazon/Kindle.

You can also find it on Google Play Books. Links below:

This book reflects my lifestyle, one I often transmit - positive thinking, healthy eating and sports. My mission is to empower people to make a change in their lives while achieving their true potential and objectives faster. Over the past seven years, I have helped many people to achieve health and balance in their lives, heal their relationships with themselves and their bodies, lose excess weight, and keep it off.

Reading this book you’ll learn how to nurture yourself with the love and kindness you need to remove emotional eating and other bad habits. Improve your health and self-esteem, have more energy, and weight loss will naturally follow.

This version updated in 2019 has a different cover, photos and bio. Hope you will enjoy it.

In good health,


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